Turkey tracks left in winter snow. Five prints are visible.

Trekking and tracking on the trails

Join the Columbia Land Conservancy to learn more about winter tracking

Who left that print in the snow or mud?  Join the Columbia Land Conservancy to learn more about winter tracking with Dan Yacobellis of Tamakoce Wilderness Programs. The specific land we’ll be trekking is considered a “pinch point,” meaning that animals searching for undisturbed land often travel through this area. In the past, signs of bears, otters, and bobcats have been found here!

What’s involved: We will be walking for about three hours over varied terrain, stopping often to search for and look at animal tracks in the snow.

What to bring: Water, weather-appropriate clothing and footwear, and a way to take notes (i.e. camera, smartphone, or a journal).

What not to bring: Please, no dogs.

Track Trail Trek details:

February 24

9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Private property, address shared upon registration

Best suited for adults, no dogs please

“I’m so excited to get tracking!” says Jenifer Rosete, Conservation Education Coordinator at the Columbia Land Conservancy. “Since we’re visiting a property that’s not open to the public, we have great odds of seeing some really interesting animal signs.”

All are welcome to attend, cost is on a sliding scale with a no-cost option. Please visit ColumbiaLand.org/Events to register.

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