Top three fall hikes

Wondering where to get outside this fall? Check out these suggestions!

Overmountain: Kestrel and Bobolink/Kite Hill-Fox Hill Trails to the gazebo

What’s better than big sweeping views of the Catskills? Turning around and seeing more sweeping views of the Berkshires!

  • Park at 503 Catalano Road, Ancram
  • Take the Kestrel Trail to the gazebo. The Kestrel Trail is a 0.3-mile old farm road with some trees. It is suitable for strollers and multiple people can walk side by side.
  • Return the way you came, or take the Bobolink Trail to the Kite Hill/Fox Hill trailhead to add an additional 1.5 miles. These trails wind through an old field and a forest, and include some exposed tree roots and branches.
  • Total mileage for the Kestrel Trail: 0.6
  • Total mileage for Kestrel/Bobolink/Kite Hill Loop: 2.1
  • Click here for more information about Overmountain

Hand Hollow: The Beaver Byway

Looking for a longer stroll? Take the Beaver Byway through Hand Hollow. Maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of a beaver! Maybe you’ll see some beautiful foliage! Maybe you’ll hear some migrating birds!

  • Park at 4079 County Road 9, East Chatham – you could also have a friend park at 451 Gale Hill Road in East Chatham and do a one-way hike.
  • Take the Beaver Byway from one end of the property to the other. This trail includes some gravel, exposed roots, and bog bridges. It can be very muddy after a rain.
  • Total mileage for a one-way hike: 1.6
  • Total mileage for a round-trip hike: 3.2
  • Click here for more information about Hand Hollow

High Falls: Waterfall views

DO go chasing waterfalls at High Falls! A relatively short walk (less than a mile) leads you to fabulous overlooks of the county’s highest waterfall.

  • Park at 540 Roxbury Road, Hudson (the site is outside the village of Philmont but the address is Hudson)
  • Take Waterfall Way 0.6 miles to the overlook. The trail has some ruts, exposed tree roots, and bog bridges. It is not suitable for strollers or individuals with mobility disabilities.
  • Return the way you came, or take the staircase to the Agawamuck Trail to take a closer look at the Creek of Many Fish.
  • Total mileage for the Waterfall Way out-and-back: 1.2
  • Total mileage for Waterfall Way and the Agawamuck Trail: 1.5
  • Click here for more information about High Falls

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