Ooms boardwalk updates

The next phase of replacing the boardwalk at Ooms is underway!

Plans for replacing the boardwalk have been reviewed by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation and approved, ensuring the site’s sensitive wetland habitats and their inhabitants will be minimally disturbed during this process.

Removal of the decking has begun. Construction of the new boardwalk is scheduled to begin in March and expected to take eight to ten weeks. The boardwalk area will be closed during this time, but other trails will remain open. CLC thanks all site visitors for being patient during the construction season and treating the contractors with kindness.

CLC is contracting with Build Hudson, LLC to build the boardwalk. Build Hudson trains local young people in carpentry skills while engaging, mentoring, and employing young people. Apprentices are paid living wages and can eventually become partners and cooperative owners of the business.

“We are so excited to start the next phase of this project,” says Heidi Bock, Vice President of Conservation. “The new boardwalk is going to be beautiful, more accessible, better for the wetland, and provide more opportunities for enjoying the beauty of Sutherland Pond. Working with Build Hudson and employing local youth to build the new structure makes this a win-win!”

Construction was supported with funding from the New York State Conservation Partnership Program (NYSCPP) and New York’s Environmental Protection Fund. The NYSCPP is administered by the Land Trust Alliance, in coordination with the State Department of Environmental Conservation.

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