hunting waiver

The work hunters do to support the Columbia Land Conservancy is important to maintaining properties as places for recreational activities. CLC asks that all hunters fill out a hunting waiver.

Therefore, in exchange for permission from the Conservancy to hunt on the properties, hunters agree to assist Columbia Land Conservancy with the following responsibilities:

  • Provide Columbia Land Conservancy with signed hunter liability forms for each hunter that will hunt on the Conservation Areas prior to conducting any hunting activities on the property.
  • Follow all New York State hunting and fishing rules and regulations.
  • Management of deer populations based on scientific data and Conservancy requests.
  • Submission of deer take reports and hunting hours to the Conservancy by January 15, 2025.
  • Be aware that hunters who assist with CLC volunteer projects such as help in the maintenance of trails and infrastructure such as trailheads, parking areas, foot bridges, kiosks will be given preference in the case of limited permit availability. Volunteer work must be coordinated and reported to a Public Lands Coordinator.
  • Help with communication to neighbors about safe hunting practices, rules and regulations.
  • Notifying Columbia Land Conservancy regarding non-permitted activities at the Properties when unauthorized uses are observed—including ATV use, poaching, plant removal, littering, vandalism, off leash dog walking, camping, firewood cutting etc.  This must be done without confrontation or risking harm to hunters or any other individuals.  Any conflicts or recurring/unresolved issues will be reported to the Conservancy immediately.
  • Immediate reporting of ANY observed safety issues to Columbia Land Conservancy and the Region 4 Environmental Conservation Officer.
  • Columbia Land Conservancy expects everyone with whom it does business to conduct themselves in ways that are consistent with CLC’s values. CLC will not grant hunting privileges to individuals who treat our staff or partners poorly. Sexual harassment, racist actions, demeaning language, or other unprofessional behavior shall be grounds for immediate termination of hunting privileges.
  • Other activities as agreed upon by hunter and Columbia Land Conservancy.

Questions about CLC’s hunting program? Email Pat!

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