Hunting is an important way to connect to the land, further cultural traditions and foodways, manage deer populations, and improve habitats. Select Columbia Land Conservancy properties (Overmountain, Schor, Hand Hollow) are open for deer hunting to permit holders. Permits are managed through an online app called HuntStand.

Ecosystems and management practices have shifted and evolved over time, but the goals of CLC’s deer management program remain:

•          Reduce the overall density of deer to allow for greater forest regeneration

•          Reduce browse on rare plant species

•          Bring the deer population into a more balanced sex ratio

•          Improve the overall quality of bucks

•          Create more opportunities for beginning, women, and BIPOC hunters

•          Improve communication and data sharing among hunters and CLC

•          Allow more hunters to safely access CLC hunting land

Questions about the program? Email Pat!

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