This program is hibernating for winter

Volunteering with CLC is a great way to learn new skills, make new friends, and maintain public lands for people and wildlife. The volunteer program has slowed down for winter, but will begin again once the ground thaws and the first flowers bloom. To get involved and learn about the latest volunteer opportunities, follow the steps below:

Step one: sign up!

Fill out the form below to join the volunteer email list! We’ll send a confirmation email within the hour (if not, please check your spam folder).

Step two: review the volunteer waiver

Make sure you’re ready to hit the trails! CLC asks that all volunteers sign a waiver once per year.

Step three: find a volunteering event

Visit the Events Calendar to sign up.

Most in-person events are scheduled between the months of April and October.

Step four: report your hours spent volunteering

Help CLC recognize your hard work! Make sure you report any hours you spend on volunteering that aren’t part of an organized event. Tracking hours is important for securing grant funding and demonstrating community support.

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