Affordable Farmland Opportunity at Thompson-Finch Farm

The Columbia Land Conservancy and the farmers at Thompson-Finch Farm are searching for the next generation of farmers!

Thompson-Finch Farm is a 196-acre property located in Ancram, NY that is known widely throughout several states for its organic pick-your-own strawberries that draw more than 10,000 customers per year. This fifth-generation family farm has been managed with careful stewardship of its certified organic soils by Don and Marnie MacLean since 1982.

In March 2019, in collaboration with the MacLean family, farmers, and more than 300 community members, organizations, and foundations, CLC purchased this beloved property. to protect it from being sold and developed through a conservation easement and agricultural ground lease. This is a unique and collaborative arrangement established between CLC and the farmers.

After 40 years of stewardship, Marnie and Don MacLean are ready to retire and are looking for the next generation of farmers of the Thompson-Finch Farm!

Ways to learn more

Watch the webinar

This webinar, recorded October 16, 2023 describes how this agricultural ground lease works, the search process, and how this affordable, 99-year lease will transfer to the next farmers in 2024.
Transcripción del vídeo en Español.

Join us at an open house October 22

This open house is an opportunity for anyone who is interested in learning more about the Columbia Land Conservancy’s ground lease at Thompson-Finch Farm to visit the property and meet Don and Marnie.

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